Do Boy Scouts fare better when laid off?

I have no idea whether Boy Scouts cope better with layoffs; the title question is intended only as an indication that the best way to recover from being laid off is to have been prepared in the first place. One of the best specific pieces of advice I’ve seen in that regard was from Jerry Stalick on LinkedIn (the LinkedIn link goes to the question; Jerry’s answer is on the second page (he’s billed as “Jerry S.” if you’re not logged in). LinkedIn doesn’t make it easy to link to a specific answer, but there’s a decent amount of goodness throughout the thread):

Apply for other jobs from time to time (once a year) and go to the interviews, even if you don’t intend to take the job (I may get blasted for this, but if you haven’t been in an interview in 10 years and suddenly you get laid off, this can be a traumatic experience… practice in advance helps a lot!). It may be that the new opportunity you are looking at might be better than your current gig.

Having been on more than my share of interviews in the last three-plus years, I can also recommend being eager but not desperate.

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