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Still here

Sure, this looks like yet another abandoned blog, but I mostly just haven’t had a lot of job hunting insights to share. Being employed has, admittedly, reduced the amount of thought I’ve been giving the hunt.

Where’s Alec Baldwin When You Need Him?

I really enjoy this clip: For context, here is the scene from Glengarry Glen Ross to which it pays homage: So what does this have to do with the job hunt? Two things: First, Always Be Looking (the best “ABC” I have come up with is “Always Be Comparing”, but that seems like more of […]

On Settling

I just renewed this domain name, resolving that I need to post here some more. As could be inferred from the dearth of posting hereabouts (and as was more explicit on Twitter, I found myself employed toward the end of February. Substantial pay cut, and a job not very well suited to my strengths. So […]

Welcome to the Job Hunt Guy Blog

Greetings, soon-to-be loyal readers, and welcome to the Job Hunt Guy Blog. Over the coming days, I plan to offer advice, pointers to resources, and a certain amount of whining amusing anecdotes to help take my mind off the search. Unless, of course, I get a job.